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HillBilly Beverages

Acquired the licensing rights and took HillBilly Beverages private.


Invested in Early-Stage CSA app focused on helping Farmers sell direct to consumers by providing a wide range of support to increase consumer awareness, sales initiatives and retention.

Bert's Bites

This award-winning brand of Chunky Almond Snacks was the proud winner of USA Today's 10 Best and the 2020 sofi™ awards.

Real Brands

Created a public company, launched as a buyer of brands, within the Food and Beverage and CPG industry. Licensed HillBilly non-alcoholic Beverages (as seen on ABC TV Shark Tank) and launched in 2013.

Sauce Concepts

Create a line of Signature Sandwich Sauces for Retail and Food Service.

Tequila Cabal

Tequila CABAL Made for the tequila connoisseur. Those who drink for taste, not for effect. 100 years of methodical, Precise tequila production. Smooth, yet bold.


Used by manufacturers to produce very high-quality Edibles infused with CBD and THC

Eddie Black Food Group

Introduce “Kitchen-less Kitchen” concept to offer food and beverage services without the construction restraints of traditional restaurants