Featured Projects


Food Court
Project: Evaluate and recommend alternatives to allow COSTCO to expand the food court without carts and kiosks while maintaining modularity

Solution: Designed a modular food court using a system of quick-connects for gas, electric and plumbing. The result was to design and manufacture a modular wall system capable of being relocated with little down time. The modular Food Court was designed and custom built to fit all locations The system was manufactured, shipped, knocked-down and assembled within a few days and allowed COSTCO the flexibility to relocate on demand.
Restaurant Equipment
Project: Restaurant Equipment

Solution: Sell restaurant equipment small wares directly to COSTCO. Program was tested and launched in Southern California
Frozen Sushi
Projects: Currently multiple suppliers of Sushi nationally which was a $65 million dollar business in 2001with lack of consistency to expand nationally.

Solution: Create a single source provider of Sushi to allow COSTCO to sell the same products nationally. Provide symmetry throughout the buying, delivery and selling system. EBG licensed and developed a Frozen Sushi technology and tested in multiple Costco locations.
Chicken Pot Pie
Project: Design a custom chicken pot pie for Costco.

Solution: Costco tested several suppliers and ultimately selected one to design, develop, manufacture and sell to COSTCO Corporate. The Chicken Pot Pie became the #2 selling item nationally in the ‘Deli” within 4 months of introduction